South Morang Mazda


New flagship dealership

Ardent Architects were engaged by Kirwan Mazda to design their new flagship dealership in South Morang as Ardent Architects director, Justin Morris had previously worked with Max Kirwan in 2005 to design the Kirwans Mazda dealership that has gone on to be the most awarded Mazda dealership in Australia.

Max Kirwans brief was to design a new flagship dealership that was capable of the business growing into it over the next 10 years in a developing area. Ardent worked closely with Max and his management team over the course of many months to refine the design functionally and aesthetically to meet the customer and business needs.

The clients focus on customer experience and satisfaction is reflected in the generous customer lounge area that is reminiscent of a hotel foyer. Spaceos Interior Designers developed the interior design which sets this dealership apart from many automotive facilities.

The elevated showroom is a feature both in displaying cars above the outdoor vehicles as well as making space under the dealership to have a 12 bay new car handover center.

Max Kirwan wanted to create an air of something special for clients taking delivery of their new Mazda. The expansive handover area under the showroom is fitted with a polished steel ceiling to show a perfect reflection of the car highlighted by programmable lighting. Each sales person delivering the car selects a hand over bay on their tablet remotely so as when the lift door opens and the client steps out and only their car is highlighted by specialized lighting to create a sense of theatre.

The new 28 bay workshop is an amazing space that staff are proud to show new customers through. The workshop was designed with insulated cool room paneling forming the walls and roof to keep the work environment comfortable for technicians year-round with evaporative air conditioning to stabilize the temperature on the hottest summer days.

HTroon have commenced construction and will be finished early 2017.

Structural and civil engineering by Vert Enginering
Interior Design by Spaceos
Contruction by H Troon
Workshop fitout by Alumlube


Photos by Spectral Modes Photography