Mitchell St.

Ardent were commisioned to produce a modern extention to an early 1900's house in Northcote.

The result is a light filled open plan living area which opens up with large sliding doors to a pool and outdoor entertaining area.


Ardent were commissioned to design a modern extension to an early 1900's house in Northcote. The result was a two storey sleek modern living space. The design preserved the original heritage house at the front including it's internal detailing and then transitions into the modern living area.

The house provides for separation of living areas and sleeping areas between parents and teenage children.

The living area features a polished concrete slab with yellow glass as part of the aggregate for a subtle but iridescent fleck to the concrete.

Westgarth Builders did an amazing job on the project with amazing attention to detail and quality work which resulted in an amazing finished product.

The house sold in July 2015 for a record $2.82M which was the highest amount ever paid per m² for a house in Northcote. This achievement was a testament to the clients commitment to the vision and the builders attention to detail.


January 2016 Australia's best houses featuring Ardent Architects project in Mitchell St. Northcote. Justin Morris the director of Ardent Architects is interviewed for the segment.

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