3D Point Scanning


3D Point Cloud Scanning

Ardent Architects have one of the first next generation Leica BLK360 3D scanners in Australia.

3D point cloud scanning allows us to capture a highly accurate model of any existing building for use in design or record keeping. Often referred to as "reality scanning" the scanner captures many millions of points throughout the building giving you amazing detail down to the level of light fitting locations, ceiling grids, architraves, skirtings.

Unlike older scanners this generation captures 15 mega pixel images during scanning allowing for photographic quality scans as well as thermal imaging.

Laser scanning allows for highly accurate capturing of any built form within 60m of the scanner.



  1. Accurate to 6mm

  2. Scans up to 60m away

  3. Multiple floors in one scan file

  4. Thermal imaging

  5. Scans completed and available same day

  6. Scans can be added to later if scope is increased

  7. Objects such as adjoining houses, tanks, pipes can be turned into meshes for use as 3D objects in projects.


3D Point Cloud scanning applications and uses include:

  • Heritage building recording, external and internal for archiving purposes as well as highly detailed existing conditions modelling for design purposes.

  • Scanning of high and complex structures that would be impossible to measure by traditional methods.

  • Thermal scanning included, allowing for existing thermal performance of buildings to be evaluated.

  • Automated registration of scans so multiple floors can be scanned and aligned instantly.

  • Live connection to Autodesk 360° so clients can access scans while they are being done with the final product being available as soon as the on site scan is complete.

  • Point cloud scans can be marked up and measurements taken for briefing Architects and consultants. Clients can walk through the existing building making notes in 3D using Autodesk Recap to develop the design brief.

  • Ardent Architects can convert point cloud scans into Revit existing conditions drawings for use in developing future designs.